LFS 6.1.1: how do I log into LFS?

Rainer Peter Feller Rainer-Peter.Feller at physik.uni-hamburg.de
Thu May 4 02:08:23 PDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 10:51 +0300, Angel Tsankov wrote:
> >>>> How do I log into LFS after build and reboot?
> >>>
> >>> You type your username and password.
> >> 
> >> Well, is it noe obvious that I do not know the root password?
> > 
> > You were supposed to set the root password when you installed Shadow, 
> > chapter  6.54, specifically  6.54.3.
> Well, what is the password if I have missed to set it in 6.54.3?

you can't logon, because there is no password

you could try to add an "init=/bin/bash" to your grub boot parameter
then "mount / -o rw,remount" and that followed by "passwd",
"mount / -o ro,remount" amd last "exec /sbin init"
CUH Rainer Peter Feller

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