Section 5.7

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> >
> > I have read it carefully and I think this is where I have my
> > problem.  I understand I need to enter the source directory but
> > where to put the source directory is the question.  In sections
> > 5.4 and 5.5 I cp'd the source directories to the -build
> > directories and unpacked them there and did the configure.
> Not quite right.  The implied procedure is this, assuming all the
> tarballs and patches are in $LFS/sources.
> cd $LFS/sources
> tar -xf $TARBALL
> where TARBALL and TARBALL_DIR would be specific to the package. 
> From
> there, you start issuing the commands on the page.

Dan, Thank you for the clarification.  As I mentioned to Chris in
another message I totally missed the significance of section 3.l and
did not understand the concept that if the action taken is inside the
shell viz., $LFS the process will take care of finding the right
place to put things.  So now I'm off again.  Thank you very much for
the help.

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> Dan
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