LFS 6.1.1: eth0 doesn't exist

Andrew Benton b3nt at ukonline.co.uk
Sun May 7 11:09:23 PDT 2006

Angel Tsankov wrote:
> Having built LFS 6.1.1, I restarted the PC and got the following:
> Bringing up the eth0 interface...
>    Interface eth0 doesn't exist.    [ WARN ]
> What might be wrong?

You need to compile support for your ethernet card into your kernel. 
Install pciutils then run /usr/sbin/lspci, it will give you some info 
about what hardware you have installed. Recompile your kernel and when 
you do make menuconfig, look at Device Drivers  ---> Network device 
support  ---> Ethernet (there are three different sub menus) for a 
device which matches what lspci told you. If nothing matches, ask Google.


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