LFS-6.1.1 gcc 1 pass error: genmodes not find; on iBook G4 !!

Aurel ademmer at free.fr
Tue May 16 12:35:47 PDT 2006

Hi everybody,

As you can see in the subject, I have an error with te first pass of  
gcc. At one moment, compilation stops and the error is that the file  
"genmodes" in $LFS/sources/gcc-build/gcc is not founded, but the file  
is well present in this directory.

For information, i use LFS 6.1.1 LiveCD as Linux distribution to  
build my LFS system and the packages that are in the CD, and I am on
an iBook G4 1,33GHz. So if someone who have a Mac and managed to  
build a LFS system on it, please help me !

Sorry for my bad english, this isn't my natural language.
Thanks a lot.

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