alsa udev device creation

Ken Moffat ken at
Wed May 17 15:35:48 PDT 2006

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 11:06:44PM +0100, Georgina Joyce wrote:
> On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 09:24:56AM +0200, Andrei A. Voropaev wrote:
> > 
> > Are you sure that kernel recognizes your hardware? Do you see messages
> > reporting that alsa module was loaded correctly, do you see the module
> > in lsmod?
> I can't state it clearer, I don't have the /dev/audio /dev/dsp etc devices.  The cards are being seen and configured.  I can adjust volume etc.  I just can't use them because they don't have the virtual devices in /dev.
> Gena

 Your .config showed that at least some of these drivers are
modules.  Section 7.4.4 may have some bearing (hope I've transcribed
this correctly, I'm stuck with a one-button mouse on this box) :

 in /etc/modprobe.conf

 install snd-pcm modprobe -i snd-pcm ; modprobe \
	snd-pcm-oss ; true

 Most of my boxes are either running CLFS, or weighed down with
custom rules, but I think this was the important part for getting
oss sound emulation working.

 However, my experience is slightly different - if /dev/dsp etc does
not exist, alsamixer bails out and I eventually remember that the
devices are probably missing.

 If that doesn't help, you maybe need to look at the BLFS book and
ask on blfs-support.

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