perl 5.8.7 no perl or pod2man

Klaus Sinfelt khsny at
Thu May 18 12:21:51 PDT 2006

Linux From Scratch book v. 6.1.1, chapter 5.32.1, p. 72
I am booting from and using the sources from the LFS live CD  

perl and pod2man seem to be missing.

I installed perl as follows

1)  I have applied the patch:         patch -Np1 -i 

2)  Prepared perl for compilation:         ./configure.gnu  
--prefix=/tools  -Dstatic_ext='IO Fcntl POSIX'

3)  Built some utilities:      make perl utilities

4) Because it was not recommended, I did not run:         make test

5)  The problem occurs when trying to copy perl and pod2man to 
/tools/bin:           cp  -v  perl   pod/pod2man /tools/bin

When running the cp command, I get the following:
     cp: cannot stat 'perl' : No such file or directory
     cp: cannot stat 'pod2man' : No such file or directory

I am in the Perl-5.8.7 directory.  In this directory, there are several 
files named perl with various extensions (perl.c, perl.h, perl.o), but 
I cannot find a file named perl that hasn't an extension.  Similarly, 
there is a subdirectory named pod, but within this directory I can only 
find pod2man.PL (no pod2man without extension).

Obviously I am missing something.  I am new to Linux (an intense 5 
weeks) but I have been able to resolve the few problems I have 
encountered with LFS by means of the faq and hint pages.  This one, 
however, has got my stumped.  Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance,

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