LFS 6.1.1 on PPC

Jon Fullmer jon at jonfullmer.com
Fri May 19 18:37:56 PDT 2006

Good points, Jeremy.  I would add that if you're going to boot an "old
world" Mac (beige G3, PPC 7300-9600, etc.), you typically have a choice
between BootX or Quik.

BootX has been a loader of choice for a long time, but it's a pain because
you have to actually boot a Mac OS partition first.  For mine, I typically
have a stripped down OS 8.6 partition.  The BootX extension will allow you
to boot into Linux before the Mac OS finishes the boot process, but it's
still an admitted annoyance to have to have a Mac OS partition.

Quik will allow you to boot right from Open Firmware.  The catch?  Very
buggy.  To be fair, it's not so much that Quik is buggy.  It's the older
version of Open Firmware.  I have a beige G3 that I've been trying to get
Quik running on.  I haven't succeeded yet (actually, I succeeded once
accidentally, and I haven't been able to get it to happen again).  Another
annoyance is that it will only boot ext2, so you would need at least a /boot
partition formatted ext2.

For more resources on boot options, check out http://www.penguinppc.org/

Great resource.

One other word of advice, READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY.  I know people will
pitch this time and time again, and I consider myself knowledgeable enough
to know what I have to study and what I can just skim over.  Study

For example, step 6.15 in LFS 6.1.1 on installing Coreutils.  The very first
instruction is to apply a patch to deal with a known uname problem.  The
catch? "The following patch fixes this behavior FOR INTEL ARCHITECTURES"
(emphasis added).  This was one of my earlier stupid mistakes.  I kept
applying the patch, and kept wondering why I could never get coreutils to
pass.  When I finally figured out I didn't have to apply the patch,
everything went just fine.

Most of my LFS systems are on older Old World Macs, and I'm working on a
CLFS compilation for an old SE/30 (linux-m68k).  Again, let me know if I can
be of any more assistance.

 - Jon

on 5/19/06 7:08 PM, Jeremy Huntwork at jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org wrote:

> Jon Fullmer wrote:
>> You don't need CLFS.  I built a couple of systems just using a slightly
>> modified LFS (i.e., obviously GRUB is not needed).  The first base system
>> was running Mandrake PPC on a beige G3 PowerMac.
> The biggest difference to watch for is the name of your dynamic linker.
> On x86, it's ld-linux.so.2. On a powerpc, it will be ld.so.1. As Jon
> said, also you'll use a different bootloader. If you have a new world
> Mac (any of the recent non-beige ones, ie, a G4) then yaboot should work
> well. Also, in addition to the packages built in LFS, you'll probably
> want/need mac-fdisk or parted for editing partitions.
> --
> JH

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