saving startup output?

Mukesh Kaushal mkaushal1980 at
Thu May 25 22:32:06 PDT 2006

You can run dmesg command which collects system diagnostic messages to form
error log but the system error message buffer is of small, finite size.
dmesg is run only every few minutes, so there is no guarantee that all error
messages will be logged.

You can also check some files like :
      /var/adm/messages        for error log (conventional location)
      /var/adm/msgbuf             for memory scratch file for - option
      /dev/kmem                       for special file containing the image
of kernel virtual memory

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Subject: saving startup output?

When I start LSF I can see some output to the terminal most of which passes
too quickly for me to read and remember. Does this
output get saved somewhere so that I can have a look at it afterwards?

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