iproute-2.6.1? for linux-2.6.15

Vladimir A. Pavlov pv4 at bk.ru
Tue May 30 14:54:29 PDT 2006

Ken Moffat wrote:
> Assuming for a moment that you are indeed seeing a real problem,
> unless you can identify where it started (i.e. find a way to
> trigger it reliably, then work through the different kernels and -rc
> versions) you are going to be stuck on 2.6.15.

As you understand I'm not intrested in "finding a way to trigger it 
reliably". Moreover, I began thinking that the error isn't due to bad 
kernel but due to bad initscripts :(

Though isn't it the kernel error if bad initscripts cause filesystem 

> Personally, I don't think that ext3 errors being fixed in an fsck is
> at all abnormal (I prefer them to be fixed)

And I prefer them not to appear :)

> For most people, sticking with 2.6.15 is not a sensible option, 
> so I'll be very surprised if anyone can tell you if iproute-2.6.16
> will work with an older kernel.

That's the answer I asked for. Thanks!

> I'm afraid my standards are lower than those implied by your .sig,
> so you are free to disregard my views if you can find a more
> productive way to get to grips with this technical problem.

In general, your viewes are the only ones I deal with, so I cannot 
disregard them. I'll take them into consideration when deciding what to 
do. Thanks again!

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