Problem Using Grub with Reiser4

Joel Croteau jcroteau at
Tue Jan 2 15:22:27 PST 2007

I just finished going through the LFS 6.2 book and am trying to get my
new system to boot, but all that happens is it comes up and says GRUB
Loading stage2.... and then hangs. My root partition is Reiser4 on a
SCSI RAID 5 array. I'm using a PCI SCSI RAID card for this. I believe I
have all the necessary support compiled into my kernel, but I might be
missing something. I don't have any other operating systems on my system
other than LFS, I used the LFS LiveCD as a host distro. I'm using kernel with the appropriate Reiser4 patch. I'm also using Grub 0.97
with the Reiser4 patch. I installed libaal and reiser4progs before grub
and they all installed without problems. I've tried GRUB with and
without the disk geometry patch and I get the same problem either way.
Does anyone know what might cause this?

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