Problem Using Grub with Reiser4

Eric Stout stout at
Tue Jan 2 16:08:29 PST 2007

> I just finished going through the LFS 6.2 book and am trying to get my
> new system to boot, but all that happens is it comes up and says GRUB
> Loading stage2.... and then hangs. My root partition is Reiser4 on a
> SCSI RAID 5 array. I'm using a PCI SCSI RAID card for this. I believe I
> have all the necessary support compiled into my kernel, but I might be

I don't know much about hardware RAID, so I'll assume it's working (and if
it isn't, someone else will have to troubleshoot it).

Did you copy the stage1.5 reiser file to /boot/grub?

It has to be there when you setup grub otherwise grub won't know how to
read a resierfs partition..


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