init does not start - hanging on "freeing unused kernel mem.."

Marc Michalewicz Marc.Michalewicz at
Tue Jan 2 23:45:04 PST 2007


I have built a (C)lfs according to

and after starting up, it hangs after printing out

"Freeing unused kernel memory [..]"

Does anybody have any idea why it stops booting here ? I already found out,
that the init-process does not start. When I copy an init from a current
Linux-distribution, this init starts, but I get those ".. respawns too
fast - .. disabled for 5 minutes" messages on all ttys and nothing else
happens - except the successless  restart-trial of the gettys after 5

I have tried tro adjust some targets now - actually target-hardware is a
Pentium Tillamook 166 Mhz, so nothing special. This should be a "i586"

Thanks for any help,


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