Problem Using Grub with Reiser4

Joel Croteau jcroteau at
Wed Jan 3 10:12:49 PST 2007

No, that didn't work either.

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> (it seems like gmane ate my original message, resending privately, 
> sorry for a possible duplicate)
> Joel Croteau wrote:
>> I just finished going through the LFS 6.2 book and am trying to get my
>> new system to boot, but all that happens is it comes up and says GRUB
>> Loading stage2.... and then hangs. My root partition is Reiser4 on a
>> SCSI RAID 5 array. I'm using a PCI SCSI RAID card for this. I believe I
>> have all the necessary support compiled into my kernel, but I might be
>> missing something. I don't have any other operating systems on my system
>> other than LFS, I used the LFS LiveCD as a host distro. I'm using kernel
>> with the appropriate Reiser4 patch. I'm also using Grub 0.97
>> with the Reiser4 patch. I installed libaal and reiser4progs before grub
>> and they all installed without problems. I've tried GRUB with and
>> without the disk geometry patch and I get the same problem either way.
>> Does anyone know what might cause this?
> You probably forgot to run autoreconf after patching GRUB. See how the 
> LiveCD builds GRUB:
> # The Reiser4 patch
> patch -Np1 -i ../grub-0.97-reiser4-20050808.diff
> # The disk geometry patch (one hunk fails, ignore that)
> patch -Np1 -i ../grub-0.97-disk_geometry-1.patch || true
> # The failed hunk altered CFLAGS, do this manually:
> export CFLAGS="-Os -s -fno-strict-aliasing"
> # Adapt to new autotools
> sed -i 's/AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE/&\nAM_PROG_AS/'
> # Regenerate autofoo (needed because of reiser4 patch)
> autoreconf --force --install --verbose
> # Build as usual
> ./configure --prefix=/usr
> make
> make install

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