LFS livecd questions

Jaqui Greenlees jaqui_greenlees at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 3 11:53:46 PST 2007

--- travis formoso <travformoso at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hey guys -
> Decided to go ahead and use the livecd and not my
> other distro because it 
> was not working out to well.
> If I use the Live CD - when I am done building the
> LFS can I burn it to DVD 
> and use it later to build more onto it?
> Also if I use the live cd and have to exit - will I
> lose everything I have 
> done because it is on a cd and not going to the Hard
> drive?
you do build it onto the hard drive
the livecd is run in the system ram, but you make and
mount hard drive partitions for the build process.
you don't lose anything by shutting the system down,
you just have to re-enter the chroot environment and
manually mount the partion again.

yes, you could make an isofs and burn it to dvd, but
it really isn't needed.

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