BLFS, XFree86 v4.5.0 (correction on the version) sorry typo

Joseph Oaks trell at
Fri Jan 5 07:48:21 PST 2007

Ken, thanks for the info, especially the dev blfs book, I will look into
that. I will also look at the Xorg, right now I'm doing testing to determine
which would better fit my needs for what I'm building LFS for. Your right
about the road less traveled. I found that I needed to install expat also,
no biggie, its a great way to learn.


Ken Moffat <ken at> wrote: 
>On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 12:03:26AM -0800, Joseph Oaks wrote:
>> Yep, that got it, question is now, why in the book is it commented out by
>> default? I could see it if there was a comment to say uncomment this line
>> after you modify your -march= section (in case someone is running say
>> but by default, especially for someone who is learning, anyway, thats my
>> rant on the topic.
> Well, looking back at the old 6.1 book, it does say
>/* System Related Information.  If you read and configure only one
> * section then it should be this one.  The Intel architecture
> * defaults
> * are set for a i686 and higher.
>(reformatted by vim when I pasted it! )
> So, I guess the real answer is "you're supposed to read the
>instructions in blfs" ;-)  Personally, I'm surprised that you're using
>XFree.  Yes, choice is good, and no, I don't want to ram my choices
>down your throat.  The point is that I've heard of one reason to
>stick with XFree (don't know if it still applies, it wasn't relevant
>to me), but most people are using  So, like everyone else who
>follows a path less travelled, you may have to put more effort into
> Also, you should probably be following the development blfs book,
>it is a much better fit for what is in LFS-6.2.
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