errors on glibc tests

Pedro Rodrigues de Figueiredo pedrorfigueiredo at
Thu Jan 11 05:18:54 PST 2007

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  I think you are probably fine.  You can look at the tst-cancel1.out
> file to see if it says anything.  In my case (and other people using
> clfs, apparently) the nptl failures we see are accompanied by
> 'exception not caught' and 'cleanup handler not called', which sound
> like c++ problems.  My resulting system is fine (with my normal
> desktop), apart from kernel problems which predate the new system.
> ĸen

Unfortunately, tst-cancel1.out is empty. I'll just go ahead and see if 
anything goes wrong later on. Thanks for your help.


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