Problem after entering chroot after jhalfs finishes

Colin Dean cdean at
Thu Jan 11 10:52:52 PST 2007

According to the final output of jhalfs, I have just a few steps to 
finish before I've a working system.

One of these steps is to change the root password after chroot'ing into 
the newly built system.

When I execute 'passwd', the entire interaction of the program is 
skipped. It's like I'm using 'yes' or something. I can't change the 
password because of it.  How can I fix that?

Second, and unrelated to the aforementioned steps, when I use 'man', the 
output is truncated because of an early termination of error number 256 
resulting from:

/usr/bin/zsoelim /usr/share/man/man8/ip.8 | /usr/bin/tbl | 
/usr/bin/nroff -mandoc -Tlatin1 | /usr/bin/less -s

I discovered this while attempting 'man passwd' to see if there was a 
switch that I could force passwd to accept a password at the command line.

There are so many programs in that command line that I don't know which 
one could be causing the error. Individually, each works, and some man 
pages (groff, zsoelim) display without errors. Even 'man ls' gives the 
above error.


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