tls tests fail of gcc-4.0.3 and glibc errors in nptl; what to do now?

Ken Moffat ken at
Sun Jan 14 09:40:03 PST 2007

On Sun, Jan 14, 2007 at 04:49:43PM +0100, lynx.abraxas at wrote:
> Hallo Ken!
> I  did  the  upgrade, just a bit different than I was told to. I gave up on my
> old SuSE and used that partition to test my bakup tarballs change root to  xfs
> and  did  the  glibc upgrade chroot from the old to the new system. Was that a
> good way?

 What works is generally 'ok', having backups with a reliable way of
using them is 'good' [ so, I think I'm still trying to avoid an
answer :-) ]

> Well, so far it seems to have worked very well. I compiled gcc again  and  now
> without  any  failures  just xpass. I did a try on compiling glibc again there
> but I still have this segvault error. I can get passed that  test,  if  I  run
> make  -k  check with gcc-3.3.6 but the libs have to be compiled with gcc-4.0.3
> so I'd say that's just tricked.

 Maybe the segfault is evidence of a different problem (heat, or
hardware beginning to fail).  It's always difficult to be specific
about what causes the problem.

> Also wine is working nicely now, though it does not allow me  to  install  the
> win-programme I compiled it for.

 Well, if it prevents you installing a win program, I think it's
probably working _very_ nicely!  Your system, so you get to
determine the value of 'nicely'.

> Do  You suggest compiling something else again with the new glibc, or should I
> just wait until I encounter some problems?
> Regards,
> Lynx

 I suggest you do the minimum necessary - it if seems to work, you
got away with the upgrade, which is great.  If you want a _reliable_
system, rebuild _everything_ after upgrading glibc - but if you
intended to do that, a full upgrade to current versions of everything
(in other words, a fresh install of a new system) would be better.  

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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