Section 5.3 - permissions -

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Wed Jan 17 07:38:43 PST 2007

Chuck wrote:
> Version LFS 6.2.3 Live CD
> Book Section 5.3
> When attempting to create the directory binutils-build using
>      mkdir -v ../binutils-build 


> Am I in the right directory at this time? I have seen other messages which indicated I need to be in the directory:
>     /mnt/lfs/sources
> but if that is valid I would have the same problem as /mnt/lfs is owned by root with no write provision for user lfs.
> Any idea were I am going wrong here or in a previous section?
> Thanks


It doesn't really matter "where" you build your sources. Once you 
initiate the "make install" command - the code which has just been 
compiled gets installed in the right locations such as /usr/lib /bin etc 

So you could make a "build" dir under your /home and start making 
everything from there.

But of course, when you issue the mkdir -v ../binutils-build command. 
You MUST be in the already extracted binutils directory.

So, if you are in home/lfs/ and you extract binutils-2.x.x-tar.gz you 
have /home/lfs/binutils-2.x.x.

You should cd into that directory before entering ANY commands in the 
each package's page in the book.

Personally, I would create a /sources directory under your lfs partition 
and then extract from inside the sources dir.

So you have

/mnt/lfs/sources/currently-extracted-source-package-dir/"do commands here!"

Obviously you need to have mounted your partition on which you are going 
to build lfs first. Usually under /mnt of your host.

So, just to be clear.

Lets say you want to build lfs on partition: /dev/hda1

You mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/lfs

then you set LFS=/mnt/lfs

Do everything else in $LFS.

Have your source packages under $LFS so they will be still available 
once you enter the chroot phase...

Hope this helps.


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