Proper choice of package management strategy

Nadav Vinik nadavvin at
Wed Jan 17 22:55:34 PST 2007

I fink that all the recommend techniques are good in the same level.

Any of symlinks, timestamps , prefix or diff style are simple as the other.

You also can use PM which other distro use like pacman rpm or deb and
what getoo use.

The advantage is that you can sure that you would remove and upgrade
packages with minimal risk that something will break.

The pacman packages are simple and tar.gz archive.

I create my own PM base on diff all the files in the system before and
after the package installed, It's no efficient if you have many files
but to LFS it don't take much.


On 1/18/07, Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at> wrote:
> On 1/17/07, Benedikt Schmitt <BS- at> wrote:
> >
> > The Book excludes any recommendations about which pack'man' to use, which doesn't make it easy for newbies. So, I have (1) the suggestion to the Book's developers to add a "if you don't know at all, take this strategy" sentence, and (2) the following question to the whole list:
> Unfortunately, (1) probably won't happen because there's no way
> there'd be any agreement. The fact is that you have to try things out
> and see what you like.
> > Which strategy do you recommend/what are the pro/cons of this choice?
> >
> > Currently, I feel most attracted to the "Separate dir" or "Symlink Style" possibilities, unless you strongly recommend sth else...
> Personally, I think paco ( is the
> absolute fastest way to start using a package manager, and it's
> written by an LFSer. All you have to do is wrap the installation
> commands in paco calls and you log the files for each package. It has
> it's drawbacks, but is very easy to get started with.
> The "symlink style" will work for some packages, but it might cause
> issues for packages that interact. For instance, dbus expects to find
> external services in ${prefix}/share/dbus-1/services. If you install
> another package that contains a dbus service file to an alternate
> prefix, dbus won't know about that service.
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