Proper choice of package management strategy

bojster lfs at
Thu Jan 18 00:11:18 PST 2007

Benedikt Schmitt wrote:

> Which strategy do you recommend/what are the pro/cons of this choice?

I recommend user-based package management - it keeps things tidy,
in separate directories, easy to upgrade (for each user, the commands
used to build/install it are stored in the user's .bash_history), easy
to tell which file is whose (owner = pakage), and prevents packages
overwriting each other's files.
The drawback is that you have to manually set files suid root (but on
the other hand, it gives you more control over packages - you decide
what should be suid) and that some packages need some tweaking, as
their install process behaves badly.

For easy package content listing and removal I also use paco.

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