Proper choice of package management strategy

Chris Staub chris at
Thu Jan 18 09:16:10 PST 2007

bojster wrote:
> bojster wrote:
>> Nadav Vinik wrote:
>>> "The drawback is that you have to manually set files suid root (but on
>>> the other hand, it gives you more control over packages - you decide
>>> what should be suid) and that some packages need some tweaking, as
>>> their install process behaves badly."
>>> And this is what you recommend to newbies?
>> Yes, I do. I used it when I set up my first LFS and I never regretted
>> it - it helped me to gain full control over my system and prevented
>> many mistakes I could otherwise overlook (e.g. nVidia <> Mesa files
>> conflict).
> Also note that problems usually only occur with packages that are
> poorly prepared for installation. As for the main LFS (not BLFS)
> contents, almost all problems are explained and solved in the hint
> (link in my first post), which pretty much gives one the idea how to
> handle similar errors in the future.

I would never recommend package users to any newbie (actually I 
personally would never recommended it to anyone...I think anyone who 
can't find it just by looking through the hints list shouldn't be 
attempting anything like that). Perhaps it is true that most problems 
are due to poorly-written packages, but users often cause a number of 
problems themselves, usually by not paying attention to what's going on 
or not reading the whole hint. There have simply been far too many 
problems reported on the lists by people using this hint, and most have 
clearly been due to users who simply lack the experience to try it.

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