Udev & CUPS Problem

alupu at verizon.net alupu at verizon.net
Thu Jan 18 12:43:31 PST 2007

Hi everybody,

LFS/BLFS system.
CUPS 1.2.7. Parallel printer (garden variety).
Udev 056 (LFS circa Sept. 2005)
Works perfectly.
BTW, by "perfect" here I mean the basic functions work clean and fully:
- Graphics (Xfree86-4.6)
- Networking
- Sound
- Printing
(other functions are nice to have but not relevant here).

Created a replica of the above system on a different drive.
Obviously, worked identically, but then
I installed the latest (104) Udev
(same functionality as 103 except for some "bug fixes") from sources. No other changes/additions/removals.

To my amazement, I've somehow managed to put together a "clean" new Udev system in spite of the atrocious documentation (especially the lack of coverage of the concept change - elimination  of the 'hotplug', etc.) and support.
That is, everything works fine and identically as hoped EXCEPT Printing which has been lost completely.

A few details of the PROBLEM:
1. No printing whatsoever (No 'lp/lpr <file>', etc.).
2. 'cat <file> /dev/lp0' works OK!.
3. On any attempt to print (other than 'cat' above) the "external" symptom looks like the <file> never "physically" reaches the printer.
4. The "internals" ('error.log', 'access.log', etc.) do not show any kind of errors, even with 'cups.conf' on "debug2" (it's as if the file never leaves the "queue" - 'lpstat' shows the file sitting there forever; however, the printer _is_ "accepting").
5. In /dev, "crw-rw---- 1 lp lp 6, 0 lp0" (identical with the original system).
6. Variations thereof:  more permissions, change owner, group) - no cigar.
7. A strange difference between the original (056) and the new (104) system:
in '/dev' there's no longer a '.udevdb' directory.  Instead, there's a new '.udev' with a 'db' subdirectory containing some wacky symlinks pointing to non-existent targets (but close).
There's a good chance the clue is here but I can't fathom it.
8. Same behavior whether I switch to and/or build 'lp' as a module or in the kernel.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,
-- Alex

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