Proper choice of package management strategy

Amadeus amadeus.stevenson at
Thu Jan 18 15:23:06 PST 2007

Jack Brown wrote:
> XStow is quite nice:
> Packaging:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr &&
> make &&
> make DESTDIR=/stow/package-name install
> Installation:  cd /stow && xstow package-name/
> Uninstallation:  cd /stow && xstow -D package-name/
I like netbsd's pkgsrc

cd /usr/pkgsrc/wm/fluxbox
make && make install

-> /usr/pkg/bin/fluxbox

pkg_remove/delete (I can't remember).

When I get round to it I will use this. It downloads source dependencies 
for you etc.

Admittedly I've only used this on netbsd systems, but it has been ported 
to GNU/Linux among other *nix OS's.


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