Error Grub

Vince Greg projet.m2tnsid at
Thu Jan 18 22:42:15 PST 2007

>Use fdisk.  Option 'l' to list known partition types, option 't' to
>change a partition's system Id.  'l' shows 7 as HPFS/NTFS, 83 is the
>usual value for linux (and what fdisk normally defaults to).  I
>think you said you were using hda7, probably you accidentally keyed
>'t' while you were creating the partition, then 7 when you thought it
>was asking which partition to change.  Easily done, it's always a
>good idea to list all the partitions whenever you create them, just
>in case things are not as you intended.

Thank you for these information but can you give me exactly the complete
command of fdisk for my partition because I don't want to lose all my work

Is it dangerous for my datas and all the work I do???

Thanks a lot

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