Udev & CUPS Problem

Alan Lord lord_alan at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Jan 19 00:13:15 PST 2007

alupu at verizon.net wrote:
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> No matter how you cut it, the new Udev must be at the core of the problem.
> Think of it this way.  I have a perfectly functional system with applications A to Z running on it just fine.  I install/upgrade application U without conscientiously touching anything else (i.e. I did it "by the U book"), and all of a sudden the good application C no longer works while all the other still run fine.  No common files/permissions that I know (or should know) of.
> Thanks again,
> -- Alex

I can't offer any solutions here but I wanted to mention that I have had
what sounds like a very similar fault trying to print from Cups-1.2.7 to 
a network (LAN) attached Colour Laser Printer.

The web interface to cups found the printer and either a walk through
manual configuration, or letting cups do it automatically seemed to work
without any problems or complaint.

However when trying to print "anything" I received no printer output 
whatsoever. Depending on which configuration route I chose, when a print 
job is spooled, the admin screens would show "printer stopped" or the 
print job itself would show "stopped". No amount of restarting queues or 
printer produced any results and the logs (with debug2 level set) showed 
no errors.

This was based on a fairly recent LFS version built around mid-late
November 2006.

I left a few messages
http://www.cups.org/newsgroups.php?gcups.general+v:27832) on the cups
forum asking for some assistance in trying to diagnose the problem but I
don't recall getting any replies whatsoever. Printing from Linux has
therefore been put on hold for a while.

*Maybe* this is due to something in LFS? Although I haven't seen or 
heard of a similar issue anywhere else....



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