Proper choice of package management strategy

Juaco kankito at
Fri Jan 19 05:21:30 PST 2007

En 19/01/2007 04:46:13, Dave Abergel <davelargeuk2 at> escribió:

> Juaco
> Juaco wrote:
>> That is the truth. If you have decided to use LFS anyway, what did you
>> expect...wizards to install/manage your sw?
> I never said that I expected anything else! In fact my build differed
> from the book in various other ways (I didn't use NPTL, but only
> linuxthreads: It's a long story!) so there was *no way* I was looking
> for an easy time.
> However, for my effort I have a nice, swift, compact desktop that does
> exactly what I want. I think that's worth the extra time spent in
> building it.
> Dave

If that is the case, then you will do just fine with package users. I  
assure you it pays back the effort, in ways not even the hint takes into  
account. Furthermore, this one could be used to develop a full blown  
autoupdate/install system too, ala "wizards". That would be the only step  
to really bring package users, NOT to newbies, but to people wanting not  
to spend too much time in sysadminxstuff.

Give it a chance, you will not be dissapointed.


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