Proper choice of package management strategy

Nadav Vinik nadavvin at
Fri Jan 19 05:52:35 PST 2007

I really don't understand you.

It's Linux From Scratch - Your distro, Your rules.

It is the best freedom that have.

You are no better than all the Ubuntu users who think their distro is
the only one and interrupt to any discussion which someone
accidentally think to use in other distro.

The user PM is give flexibility like any other PM.

The purpose of PM is to log the system files into "packages", all the PM do it.

Even if you want to do very limited distro which each user would run
part of the system, It still possible to change permission.

But it is not the job of PM to do this.


On 1/19/07, Juaco <kankito at> wrote:
> En 18/01/2007 11:19:33, Nadav Vinik <nadavvin at> escribió:
> > There two reasons for installing LFS:
> > 1. To study how Gnu/Linux system work.
> Exactly! But how you will do the study? If not reading on books, then the
> best is to try to actually use the system, in real world tasks.
> > 2. To do special customization in Linux which different  from other
> > distros.
> > How installing the complicate PM achieve that?
> >
> > Although this PM are good to create limited users.
> >
> > The propers of LFS is not make the longest Linux installation, but to
> > create Linux from only the source code.
> I think this case cualifies perfectly as "special customization" and shows
> what kind of control over your computer you can have when you push to the
> limit. Sure it will have some hard times here and there, but that is also
> why many people choose Linux and LFS in the first place...if don't, go
> grab the nearest PS around =)...
> Besides i don't see that this way gives you "the longest linux
> installation". If size is the matter, with the level of supervision you
> have it gives you the smallest and most optimized install. Regarding
> time...yes it could take a bit longer, but that's not much when it starts
> to save you from (for example) overlapping libs/binaries from different
> packages, or the troubles a bad suid setup can bring.
> that is my humble oppinion
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