Udev & CUPS Problem

alupu at verizon.net alupu at verizon.net
Fri Jan 19 12:44:08 PST 2007

Hi Ken,
First, thanks again for your interest and words.
I'm quickly cutting to the chase now:

  The printing is fixed!

All I did was to simply delete it ('lpadmin -x <printer>') and then run the _exact_ command I once used to install it (I keep records :-).  Absolutely no any other action whatsoever, nor had I touched anything else (including anything related to Udev, directly or indirectly)!  Ich gebe mein Ehrenwort.

So, in a way, case closed.  I guess you will rightfully observe that eine Tragödie ended up as eine Farce here.

Before I say a few more words (to tie a few loose ends;  NOT to have the last word!), not as an excuse, but I had missed this simple test by apparently being way too hung up on my original concern:

<< 7.  [I noticed] A strange difference between the original (056) and the new (104) system:
in '/dev' there's no longer a '.udevdb' directory.  Instead, there's a new '.udev' with a 'db' subdirectory containing some wacky symlinks pointing to non-existent targets (but close). >>

I'll be closing my subscription at the end of this, but I'll stop by from time to time.  Maybe somebody will come up with an explanation/warning/solution once the new Udev authors take the time off from their IBM duties and decide to jot down a simple documentation succinctly and logically covering at least the major changes from the with-hotplug-and-udevstart to the no-hotplug-and-udevstart latest udev incarnation.

> I repeat: have a look at the queue
My eyes are still bleary.  That was one of the crazy things.  The queue looked good, the printer "expecting", so to speak.

> I don't have anything explaining the options, which makes me think you got your cupsd.conf from an older version.

That's another example of the sad state the documentation has reached.  Yes, I've used the old conf file and that's where a simple explanation should reside.  I'm pretty sure it is buried somewhere in the new package now but who has the time and inclination to search every nook and cranny nowadays?  FWIW, 1.2.7 is still "responsive" to those levels (judging by the content of the 'error.log' file (my chosen name).

> 1.2.7 was announced at cups.org on November 16th, so I think it's still pretty recent.

You're right.  According to my records I installed it on Dec. 29.  I did bounce it around pretty extensively and it felt solid.  Anyway, I weaseled the issue a little bit out by using "uncounted months" (instead of the fuzzy "a coupla months") which can be interpreted as "not counted" (true), but I admit actually knowing it in my heart that someday, somehow, somebody will call my bluff :-)

>  I still don't think udev is the problem, but your mind seems to be
made up about that, so we'll just have to agree to differ.

I just don't agree with that at all :-).  If you analyze closely we've actually agreed on practically everything.
If my claim that my systems (the original and the test copy) are identical were true - I grant it, pretty shaky argument because there's no way to even prove it to myself rigorously - then there is some point in my suspicion that Udev somehow had a hand in hanging up my print function.
At the very least somebody reading this thread might get a helpful heads-up about looking around for a potential culprit.  (I already see somebody else having the feeling that udev installation might interfere with printing at first)
OTOH, if nobody complains, we'll write the whole thing off to my carelessness and inexperience after a while (months? :-).

Ken and the other contributors, many thanks to all of you, and for the moment all I can say, we'll meet again (don't know when, though - maybe udev-204).
Best wishes.
Mit hochachtungsvoll,
-- Alex

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