First Build - in trouble

Pedro Rodrigues de Figueiredo pedrorfigueiredo at
Sat Jan 20 14:01:41 PST 2007

Slackrat wrote:
> The precise message on boot is
> VFS: Cannot open root device "hda4/LINUX_FROM_SCRATCH" or unknown
> block(0,0)

I've just finished my first LFS build a couple of hours ago, also on a 
toshiba M series laptop, after solving that very same problem. In my 
case, it was a matter of kernel configuration, as I had not included the 
correct drivers to access the hard disk. Make sure you have scsi 
enabled, and then, on the scsi low level drivers menu, choose both 
Serial ATA and the sub-item immediately bellow. These must be included 
on the kernel, not loaded as modules. If it doesn't work, check the 
filesystems menu and make sure you have the necessary filesystems on the 
kernel, and, on the partition types menu, check both the DOS partitions 
and Windows LVM (I think) partitions. That did it for me, and now I can 
boot simply with
root (hd0,6) 
#7th partition, sda7 in lunux
kernel /boot/lfskernel-
no need for a root=/dev/... option

Hope this helps,

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