gcc specs file missing

Eddie magnetar21 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 08:36:40 PST 2007


I am currently trying to install my first LFS system. I am using the 
Linux From Scratch - 6.2 online book. Everything has gone pretty 
smoothly for one exception. After completing chapter 5.6 with no 
problems, I went ahead to 5.7, Adjusting the Toolchain, and ran into a 
problem. After runnig this command:

SPECFILE=`dirname $(gcc -print-libgcc-file-name)`/specs &&
gcc -dumpspecs > $SPECFILE &&

sed 's@^/lib/ld-
linux.so.2@/tools&@g' $SPECFILE > tempspecfile &&
mv -vf tempspecfile $SPECFILE &&

I got this error: "bash: /specs: No such file or directory". I am 
assuming that the specs file was never created. When I type "gcc 
-dumpspecs" it spits out a specs file. But, when I try to search for the 
specs file by typing "find / -print | grep specs" it doesn't find 
anything. I tried to reinstall all the packages from scratch but still 
run into the same problem. I will be very grateful for any feedback.

Thanks in advance,
Eddie C

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