GCC second pass make error

Steffen H. Larsen helbo15 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 03:18:26 PST 2007

well  the only place at I try to deaviate is that hda thing ^^
I'm used to that it's called that from other distros so I thought to
myself that it wouldn't mather what the harddisk is called

that I call that seccond build gcc-Build2 is cause I missunderstod the
book cause it didn't specifically say that I had to delete the old gcc
but then again thinking over it it did say that I should make the
exact same libarry I guess some of the error is there ^^
I'll try and delete the 2 directories with gcc in it and rebuild gcc again

if it still dosn't work I'll try and post the last 30 lines ^^

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