rm -r Function Not Implemented?

Galaxy Travel giftbound at verizon.net
Mon Jan 29 06:09:01 PST 2007

> On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 03:57:18AM -0500, Galaxy Travel wrote:
>> I was doing ok until this point when trying to install e2fsprogs-1.39 I 
>> get
>> this error:
>> rm: cannot remove `.confstat8127-3462/subs.sed' : Function not 
>> implemented
>> Whats going on? Im building using Development LFS.
>> rm -r is not working it looks like and I dont know why.
> I think you running 'make check', not the install ?
> There was some discussion about this at the end of November on -dev.
> I thought the book was being changed at the start of December to run
> sed -i -e 's@/bin/rm@/tools&@ lib/blkid/test_probe.in
> in e2fsprogs before configuring it, but I can't see that in the book
> and at the moment I can't log on to trac.  The alternative, as in
> clfs, is to symlink - this would be less invasive for you because
> you wouldn't have to rebuild a fresh e2fsprogs:
> ln -s /tools/bin/rm /bin
> Alternatively, if you really are running 'make install', does
> 'rm -r' work at all ?
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Im getting this error when im configuring. I did the symlink like you said 
but still get this error, is this a bug? 

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