Crappy hardware?

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Tue Apr 8 01:38:50 PDT 2008

Was it Andreas Ekeroot who wrote on Monday 08 April 2002 18:54:
> Declan Moriarty wrote:
> > Was it Don Smith who wrote on Saturday 06 April 2002 19:53:
> > > Just tried "halt" myself. Just using halt works fine, it calls
> > > shutdown -h.
> > >
> > > Maybe it *is* a hardware problem.
> >
> > (Trying the obvious)
> >
> > You *do* have an atx case and psu, do you?
> What is an atx and a psu?

If you have the lid off, look  at the plug from the psu to the m/b. the ATX 
arrangement has a single square power plug, the AT two thin plugs inline. The 
atx has poweroff or suspend on the on/off button, the AT box always goes off, 
and you can't suspend; the hardware is physically incapable of it. If you 
have a power switch built into the power supply it's definitely AT. 

Another thing. When you switch on in the morning, the AT box and screen come 
on straight away, then it starts doing things.    An ATX box will start doing 
things, and then switch on the screen after 5 seconds or so.


> > Have you tried halt -p?
> Never tried halt -p.
> //Hace tougnebiter


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