VirtualBox on a LFS ?

Wilco Beekhuizen wilcobeekhuizen at
Thu Apr 3 05:57:17 PDT 2008

2008/4/2, Jean-Sebastien <inazad at>:
> Hi there,
>  I want to know how to install the VirtualBox on my LFS other by the source..
>  Can I install a package manager like rpm or deb (apt-get) to install it
>  easilly ?
>  Because I'm trying to install it from the sources and many, manu, many
>  libraries are not found.. I
>  Anyone know a best solution ?
>  Regards,

That's what LFS is all about ;). You can install pacma, deb, rpm or
portage. But then why don't you just use a distro like gentoo or arch
linux (which is based on LFS).

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