stubs-32.h missing

Michael Kearns michael.kearns at
Mon Apr 7 07:39:35 PDT 2008

James Harrison wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 08:52 +0100, Michael Kearns wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Having decided to have another go at LFS (been through the process a 
>> couple of times before, a few years back), I grabbed the 6.3 (amd64) 
>> LiveCD, and followed the latest development book.
>> I downloaded all of the latest tool sources and patches (would be great 
>> to have a txt file on those pages, containing all of the URLs, to use 
>> with wget -i ), and followed through the book (which doesn't mention how 
>> to unpack the sources, not that it's very difficult, but...)
> Hi Michael,
> I just wanted to note that if you install the downloadthemall plugin for
> firefox, and open downloadthemall on the download page, you have an
> option to download archive files. These are .zip, .gzip. tar files, and
> it provides the functionality you're looking for.
> Otherwise, you could download the page with python and use a regex to
> pull out all the relevant links. Heck, I imagine you could download the
> page with wget and use grep to find the ftp:\\ prefix and have just
> about all of them.

Hi James.

Thanks for those suggestions. I'm (purposefully) making it a bit hard on 
myself by doing the install with a completely empty machine and just the 
LiveCD, so not sure the firefox plugin is quote so straightfoward, 
although I am impressed with quite how much X functionality I get from 
the LiveCD.

The Python script is a great idea ;) As I mentioned, I ended up using 
page-info and copying the links from the 'links' tab, and just pasting 
them into a new text file to use with wget.


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