how to change from dhcp to static ip in a lfs box

Test testuser at
Tue Apr 22 10:36:50 PDT 2008

  Hi All,

I got some questions about static IP and DHCP and maybe someone can give 
me hand. I already setup a /*dhcpd */client in my lfs box and its 
working well, but my problem appears when I try to set static IP after 
being using DHCP:

1) For setting the static IP address in my lfs box, I modified the file 
/*/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0/ipv4 */and included there 
all the necessary variables for setting up static IP but that only takes 
effect if you reboot the system, so in order to change the IP without 
rebooting, what do I  need to do?

Below is a copy of my ipv4 file:

2) If after I decide to setup STATIC IP, I would need to go back to 
DHCP, what are the commands to release the actual static IP address and 
get a new one from the DHCP server? (I tried /*dhcpd eth0 up */but it 
does not release the static IP and get a new DHCP  IP automatically, 
looks like I first need to release the static IP and then call the 
/*dhcpcd*/  to get a new IP)



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