grub hangs without error message on mac mini

andreas at andreas at
Mon Apr 28 14:39:01 PDT 2008


I've just installed LFS SVN-20080423 on a new Mac Mini (Intel) but the 
computer doesn't start (no OSX, only one partition for Linux). All I see 

 GRUB Loading stage1.5.
 GRUB loading, please wait...

There is no error message, nothing. I'm a little bit puzzled, as this is 
not the first LFS system I install, but the first time I don't know what 
to do.

I use grub-0.97 with the disk_geometry and the 256byte_inode patches 
from the development page.

The partition to boot from is /dev/sda1 and in my grub menu is

 default 0
 timeout 10
 title LFS
 root (hd0,0)
 kernel /boot/lfskernel root=/dev/sda1

The file does exist and I installed grub in the grub shell with "root 
(hd0,0)" and "setup (hd0)".

Just to make sure, I installed ubuntu (7.04) on the very same computer 
(they use grub too) and the system starts, without problem. So the Mac 
Mini does start some Linux with grub, it's just my installation. I have 
a MacBook running with LFS and grub, I think this is some similar 
hardware and there isn't a problem either.

So, why is grub hanging there (I rebooted after 10 minutes)? What might 
I do to solve the problem? What is grub waiting for?

Thanks for any help,

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