grub hangs without error message on mac mini

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Apr 28 19:21:06 PDT 2008

Jon Fullmer wrote:
> Does GRUB work with Open Firmware? The Mac Mini may be Intel-based,  
> but it doesn't have a PC BIOS (which is what you would normally use  
> with GRUB). It uses Open Firmware. I would think that you would need  
> to use yaboot.

Careful what 'facts' you spread around here. With the switch to Intel 
machines, Apple also changed their firmware and boot manager. If your 
mac is intel it uses EFI, not Open Firmware. Yaboot is not the answer.

Also note that he already tested grub on the machine using ubuntu and 
claims that it does work with their version.

Andreas, you may want to try to track down what differences there are 
between Ubuntu's grub and what LFS installs. Or, you could consider 
using Lilo instead. :) I use Lilo on my Intel macs (mostly because I 
build a 64-bit system) and it works great. Also, if you ever feel like 
dual (or triple booting) your mac with OS X check out It's a really useful tool.


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