grub hangs without error message on mac mini

andreas at andreas at
Mon Apr 28 21:44:56 PDT 2008

On Monday, 28. April 2008, 22:21, Jeremy Huntwork (as JH) wrote:

>JH: Careful what 'facts' you spread around here. With the switch to 
>JH: Intel machines, Apple also changed their firmware and boot manager. 
>JH: If your mac is intel it uses EFI, not Open Firmware. Yaboot is not 
>JH: the answer.

I have an older Mac mini with a G4 processor. This boots with yaboot. 
But as you mention, the new Intel should boot with grub.

>JH: Also note that he already tested grub on the machine using ubuntu 
>JH: and claims that it does work with their version.

I saw it with my own eyes :-)

>JH: Andreas, you may want to try to track down what differences there 
>JH: are between Ubuntu's grub and what LFS installs. Or, you could 
>JH: consider using Lilo instead. :) I use Lilo on my Intel macs (mostly 
>JH: because I build a 64-bit system) and it works great.

If I don't find an answer within reasonable time, I'll try it. As far as 
I remember from earlier times, Lilo has to be reinstalled after each 
Kernel update, is this still the case?

>JH: Also, if you ever feel like dual (or triple booting) your mac with 
>JH: OS X check out It's a really useful 
>JH: tool.

I already tried rEFIt, just to make sure, but I couldn't use it, even 
though I can't remember the reason anymore. And no, I don't need dual 

Thanks, I'll try Lilo if everything else fails.


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