Via epia ex15000g framebuffer @1024x768

Richard Melville richard.melville at
Tue Apr 29 03:00:57 PDT 2008

> howto put my framebuffer to right resolution.. 
> i am using video=uvesafb:1024x768-32  but screen is too big to fit my display, seems that 1024x768 mode does not work?? 
> can anyone help me?
> i have via epia ex15000g motherboard, kernel 2.6.25, lfs 6.3
I thought that uvesafb was still experimental.  Maybe you are better off
using vesafb, or try installing one of the via unichrome frame buffer
drivers available from via or directfb.  Vesafb, as it has already been
pointed out, takes the decimal form when fed to the kernel at boot time,
eg vga=792 equates to 1024x768-24; note *vga=* in this instance, not
*video=*.  I don't think that vesafb operates at a 32 bit colour depth.

Richard Melville

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