grub hangs without error message on mac mini

andreas at andreas at
Tue Apr 29 04:22:46 PDT 2008

On Tuesday, 29. April 2008, 10:38, Richard Melville (as RM) wrote:

>RM: > Just to make sure, I installed ubuntu (7.04) on the very same 
>RM: > computer (they use grub too) and the system starts, without 
>RM: > problem. So the Mac Mini does start some Linux with grub, it's 
>RM: > just my installation. I have a MacBook running with LFS and grub, 
>RM: > I think this is some similar hardware and there isn't a problem 
>RM: > either.
>RM: Just a thought - have you copied over to the /boot/grub/ directory 
>RM: the correct 1.5 file in relation to the file system that you are 
>RM: using. They are all file system specific.

Yes, I copied stage1 and 2 and the stage1_5 for ext2. And just to be 
sure, I copied all the other files as well. The file seems 
correct and the kernel file in the menu is available at the indicated 


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