Kernel panic - booting from USB harddisk

Hans Kaper spakyelj at
Thu Oct 1 13:55:01 PDT 2009

Op Wed, 30 Sep 2009 00:05:52 +0200 schreef Danny Engelbarts  
<d.engelbarts at>:

> On Tuesday 29 September 2009 22:19:24 Hans Kaper wrote:
>> Good suggestion. So once again I made an entry in Grub's menu.lst,
>> carefully copying the disk/by-id-field from the SUSE-entry that boots
>> allright from the usb-disk (and checked it with the udevinfo  
>> information),
>> trying the partition-numbers 7,8 and 9, but to no avail. The
>> kernel-suggestions for valid partition device nodes includes the
>> partitions of the usb-disk, including number 8, which, I think, is the
>> right number.
> I believe I see the problem here, I wouldn't be surprised if the UUID  
> label when booting from the USB is different to the UUID when booting  
> Suse. Actually I would be surprised if they were!

I don't exactly understand what you mean. I have two Suse-instances: one  
on an internal harddisk, one on the usb-disk. Both instances give the same  

> Anyway, it looks like you are not using an initrd image. That means the  
> root= part probably isn't necessary, by default the kernel will use the  
> partition it is booted from as the root device which is what you'd want  
> in this case.
That is a clever work-around!!! And it worked!! After changing an error in  
fstab ("/mnt/lfs" had to be "/") and remembering my password, I was able  
to log in.

The LFS-book suggests a root= entry for LFS and I wonder whether it should  
better be left out there.
On the other hand, it should work in that way too. As a former researcher  
I want to know how and, if not, why not. I will further try out the  
suggestions from Baho Utot.

Anyway, Danny, I am very grateful to you for supplying the solution to my  
And of course to all the others on the forum who took notice of my  
question, took the trouble of looking into it and gave suggestions for an  
answer. I was pleasantly surprised by all the reactions.
I hope to gather more experience in the future and be able to help others  
in the same way.

Hans Kaper.


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