Valid Group Names

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Sat Oct 3 08:57:14 PDT 2009

When I build I use the "More control and Package Users" management 
system.  Each time I have built an LFS system, after I install Shadow, I 
cannot use the actual package name for a user or group.  For example, 
rsyslog-4.4.1.  This has not been important to me until this build 
during which I have written a script for all my builds.  It's highly 
dependent on $(whoami).

I'm looking for a way to change this behavior.  The man page for 
groupadd indicates that group names can contain only $ and _.  I find it 
interesting that I can use '.' before shadow, but I can't find anyway to 
change the behavior.

Suggestions? Documentation?



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