Valid Group Names

Hans Kaper spakyelj at
Sun Oct 4 03:37:44 PDT 2009

Op Sat, 03 Oct 2009 17:57:14 +0200 schreef Dan McGhee <beesnees at>:

> When I build I use the "More control and Package Users" management
> system.  Each time I have built an LFS system, after I install Shadow, I
> cannot use the actual package name for a user or group.  For example,
> rsyslog-4.4.1.  This has not been important to me until this build
> during which I have written a script for all my builds.  It's highly
> dependent on $(whoami).

I use the same package-management system in building form LFS 6.4, but I  
don't have that problem. I use "install_package 'Packagename' packagename  
packagename", as suggested by the package-management system.  
"install_package 'Test.1.2' test.1.2 test.1.2" works fine with me.

That the problem arises after the installation of Shadow does not surprise  
me. After the installation groupadd from LFS-Shadow takes over from Shadow  
of your hostsystem.

But why do you use the details in the first place? I use the suggestions  
 from the package-management system and strip the details, only keeping the  
name of the package.

Hans Kaper

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