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Dan McGhee beesnees at
Mon Oct 5 15:35:02 PDT 2009

Chris Staub wrote:
> On 10/04/2009 08:25 PM, Dan McGhee wrote:
>> Hans Kaper wrote:
>>> That the problem arises after the installation of Shadow does not 
>>> surprise
>>> me. After the installation groupadd from LFS-Shadow takes over from 
>>> Shadow
>>> of your hostsystem.
>> Yes, I've done more research and discovered that there's no way 
>> around it.
> A couple Shadow versions ago, there was a patch I think in the CLFS 
> book to fix a few issues - one was to alter useradd and groupadd to 
> reduce the restrictions on user and group names - I've attached the 
> patch here. As I said, this was a couple versions ago so most of the 
> issues in the patch have already been fixed in the latest Shadow 
> version, but the restrictions on user and group names are still there, 
> so the first bit of that patch can still be applied if you want.
> It's not really a problem for me since I just use the package name in 
> all lower case (yeah, I use package users too) - my only issue has 
> been the maximum length of user/group names, though in recent Shadow 
> versions that can be changed with a configure switch - I add 
> --without-group-name-max-length to Shadow's configure command.
Thanks, Chris.  I made and tested a patch for the current version of 
shadow.  It's attached, if anyone wants to use it.

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