Confused about System Headers Warning

alupu at alupu at
Fri Oct 9 18:39:38 PDT 2009

Hi Everybody,

The "Kernel-2.6.x" installation instructions contain
a relatively dire Warning about the include headers
to be used during compilation.
While this warning has been the same for quite a while
(copied & pasted unchanged from one version to another)
and thus many people know it by heart, I'll still
include it here, for clarity.
(Reference: LFS book #9079, Linux- API Headers,
Glibc-2.10.1, Linux-

8.3.1. Installation of the kernel: ...
<< The headers in the system's include directory should
   always be the ones against which Glibc was compiled,
   that is, the sanitised headers from this Linux kernel
   Therefore, they should never be replaced by either the raw
   kernel headers or any other kernel sanitized headers. >>

I should mention first that the usage of sanitized and
sanitised in the same self-contained paragraph is not
confusing to me.  Its just globalization at its best
(or is it globalisation?).

The real confusion, in my case, is for people who'd like
to go "beyond" the original LFS and, while not inclined
to recompile/upgrade Glibc on each kernel point change,
they still wish to keep up at least with the latest kernels.

If I correctly read the second (last) warning sentence,
would this mean that unless and until I upgrade Glibc
I have to stay with whatever '/usr/include/...' I sanitized
(make ... headers_install) with the kernel tarball I had
at the time?

Does anybody feel the Warning should be made a little
more explicit (or am I too "raw" for these things)?

Thank you in advance for your constructive comments.
-- Alex

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