syslog.c error

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at
Sat Oct 10 14:22:59 PDT 2009

2009/10/10 Lucas <luk51000 at>:
> Hi.
> I'm trying to make a lfs from a Ubuntu 9.04 host.
> I took the LFS book 6.5 and I'm doing exactly what is written there (using
> all the packages listed there in the versions listed).
> Now the problem.
> When compiling (making) the glibc-2.10.1, after sometime, it's appears a
> error message and the make quits.
> I won't be able to copy the whole msg here because i'm running it on a
> virtual machine, but I'll try to put the most important things.
> ../misc/syslog.c: In function '__vsyslog.c':
> ../misc/syslog.c:123: sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in call to
> 'syslog': function body not available
> ../misc/syslog.c:155: sorry, unimplemented: called from here
> make[2]: *** [/mnt/lfs/sources/glibc-2.10.1/misc/syslog.o] Error 1
> make[2]: leaving directory '/mnt/lfs/sources/glibc-2.10.1/misc'
> make[1]: *** [misc/subdir_lib] Error 2
> make[1]: Leaving directory '/mnt/lfs/sources/glibc-2.10.1'
> make: *** [all] Error 2
> I already looked into the syslog.c and it appears to be ok, and searching
> through the internet I found someone saying why this happens, but didn`t
> said how to fix.
> He said it happens because of some gcc bug, where it doesn`t recognise the
> double underline functions (he said a specific name, but I don't remember)
> or something like this.
> Too bad I don't remember where I saw it (did a really extensive search)

> thanks in advance for the help
> --
 I've no idea what causes this, but some people
have seen it before (e.g. on linuxquestions), and
most or all of them have been using ubuntu.

 Best suggestion I can offer is in
- that came up before the reference I've offered
above, and it's from a guy who knows a lot about
gentoo - if that works, it means we aren't totally isolated
from the host's toolchain :-(

 To try that suggestion, discard the source and build
directories, and add that -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE at the
end of the CFLAGS you are writing to configparms.

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