Errors in compiling glibc

Martijn van Duren martijn987 at
Tue Oct 13 05:22:17 PDT 2009


The only difference I have with the original book I have is that I'm using
an reiser4 partition instead of ext3.
But I solved the problem in an unexplicable way.
I read that some errors could be reported because of high system load, so I
shut down my X-server. When executing the command from a tty I didn't get
any errors at all, which I found weird, since some errors that were reported
in the book weren't related to system-load.

at least thanks for your reply.

Martijn van Duren

2009/10/13 Hans Kaper <spakyelj at>

> Op Thu, 08 Oct 2009 14:23:36 +0200 schreef Martijn van Duren
> <martijn987 at>:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm trying to compile LFS by the book (SVN-20090929), using the
> > LFS-liveCD,
> > but I get errors in chapter 6.9 when doing the check.
> I have not seen a reaction on your post yet, but, inexperienced as I am, I
> fear that I cannot be of much help to you. But on what I have seen in
> other posts I have got the impression that many errors are caused by not
> following the book in detail. So maybe it helps to post the commands you
> used in chapter 6.9 up until the errors so somebody else can have a look
> at it and find the culprit.
> Hans Kaper.
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