Upgrading in chapter 5

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 08:19:37 PDT 2009

Nicolas FRANCOIS wrote:
> Hi.
> I started a LFS-dev last week. I'm at the end of chapter 5 (doing
> something else at the same time...), and I noticed this morning that
> Linux was upgraded to Do I have to start it all over, or can
> I just change the linux headers by installing the new ones ?

If you are starting from the beginning of Chapter 6, you should be OK.  I 
haven't tried what you suggest, but the purpose of Chapter 5 is to create an 
isolated, known environment.  The important thing is to know that you should not 
replace the Linux headers *after* glibc is built.  In this case, you haven't 
built your final glibc yet.

> More precisely, does the Glibc installation from chapter 5 depends on
> the headers ?

Not after it is built.

   -- Bruce

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